A Day in the Life of a Paralegal

What does a day look like for a paralegal? This is an interesting question – one that those considering law may be asking themselves. While the day-to-day functions of a paralegal can differ from firm to firm and person to person, every paralegal will regularly tend to some general tasks and obligations. In this article, [...]

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10 Things to Ask Your Attorney

Are you about to face legal proceedings for the first time? Finding a quality attorney should be a priority whether you’ll be involved in criminal, civil, or business law. It’s easy to just go with the first lawyer your friend recommends or the one you find on the internet. The consequences of choosing an attorney [...]

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10 Mistakes First-Time Plaintiffs Make

Practicing law is complicated, and many first-time plaintiffs make mistakes. Law is also unforgiving. Mistakes made by either side can potentially cost plaintiffs the case and with that comes many negative ramifications. We’ve outlined ten common errors made by first-time plaintiffs here, so you can avoid these mistakes as you consider litigation. 1. Lack of [...]

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