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How exactly do bail bonds work and why would you need one? When arrested for a crime people are sometimes released from jail on bail. Bail is a financial agreement with the court by the bail bond agency on behalf of the defendant. This agreement is that the defendant can be released from jail but must appear in court on the appointed date, if he doesn’t then the defendant will owe the full amount of the bond.  Many bail bond agency charge a percentage upfront to bail someone out.

So for example: if bail is set at $10,000 and a bail bond agency’s fee is 10%. The family of the defendant would pay $1,000. If the defendant shows up to all of their court appearances that is everything that they will pay. If they fail to appear then the whole $10,000 will be owed to agency. If the defendant fails to appear, the agency is also allowed to hire a bounty hunter to track down the defendant and bring them in. Sometimes agencies will require some sort of collateral (e.g. house, car, boat, etc.) in case the defendant skips out and they need to collect.

Most people don’t know who to call until it is too late. We’ve compiled a list of some bail bond agencies across the state. Many of these agencies have agents across the state so even if they’re not in the same city as you they probably have an agent in the city. Being bailed out of jail can give you time with your family before you’re due in court, and can also help you and your attorney to put together a solid defense.

Utah Bail Bonds

2875 S Main St. Ste 201B
Salt Lake City, UT 84115

Ape Bail Bonds

685 S Main St
Springville, UT 84663

Breaking Bad Bail Bonds

1350 N Main Street
Spanish Fork UT, 84660

Beehive Bail Bonds

268 EAST 500 SOUTH
Salt Lake City, UT. 84111


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