Law is a fascinating field of study and profession. While many of us have a general idea of what lawyers do from television dramas like Law and Order or comedic films like Liar, Liar, there are many fascinating facts about the history, proceedings, and current state of law and lawyers like those here at Esplin | Weight that many know nothing about and take for granted.

HISTORY: Illegal Legal Assistance

Law is one of western civilization’s oldest professions, dating back to ancient Greece. Orators in ancient Athenian culture are most likely the first lawyers in the business. However, obstacles established by Athenian law and culture made this legal assistance a sort of black market affair. Greek citizens were supposed to represent themselves at all legal proceedings. However, many called on “friends” for assistance.

Another more vexing hindrance is that it was technically illegal to accept money to plea someone else’s case. Though commonly ignored, the illegal nature of these orators’ professions made it difficult for them to market themselves as legal professionals. This also stunted the growth and formation of professional legal groups, organizations, and training institutions.

PROCESS: Becoming a Lawyer

The process of becoming a lawyer requires a great deal of time, hard work, and sacrifice. First, one must receive their bachelor’s degree, the minimum acceptable requirement before one can apply to law school. Then, he or she would be required to take the Law School Admissions Test. The stressful period of law school applications comes next. Once accepted, he or she will spend the next three years earning their law or Juris Doctor degree.

The education process culminates in the Bar Examination where people test their knowledge gained. Finally, those who have passed the Bar Examination will need to apply for jobs and enter the business world of law. Those especially fond of the educational process can also continue on to earn the Master of Laws (LL.M) or finally a degree as a Doctor of Juridical Science (S.J.D.).

CURRENT STATE: Lawyers Today

According to the most recent published statistics of the American Bar Association, there are currently 1,300,705 licensed lawyers in the United States. These lawyers have developed specialties in fields ranging from family, construction, education, business, and criminal defense.

At Esplin | Weight, we are proud to honor the standard and tradition established by ancient Athenian lawyers of representing you, our friends, when you need us. Our attorneys have proved themselves through the rigorous process of education and training in becoming a lawyer. We are willing and ready to represent you in whatever proceeding or situation you need.

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