If you ever find yourself in need of criminal defense, you will quickly learn how much you need to know and do. The last thing you want is to get caught up in incorrect legal practices that could hurt your case. 

But what mistakes should you avoid? We’ll cover four common mistakes people make in criminal defense cases.

How You Can Avoid Incorrect Legal Practices

The good news is the more aware you are of the mistakes you can make, the more you can avoid them. Information is the most powerful tool we have when it comes to the law. This key information will help you achieve the best possible outcome in a criminal defense case. 

So, what are the common mistakes?

#1: Not Taking the Case Seriously

Criminal defense cases need to be handled professionally and delicately. This means hiring a good lawyer and following correct court proceedings.

In court, show the judge that you are not taking things lightly. Always dress professionally and obey the rules exactly. Everything you do in the courtroom reflects on you and how the judge and the jury perceive your attitude toward the case. Show everyone how important the case is to you through your behavior.

#2: Sharing Too Much About Your Case

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Another mistake that’s easy to make is sharing too much about your case through social media, texting, or email. You may incriminate yourself by oversharing.

Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. People involved in criminal defense cases should be careful to keep things private and not incriminate themselves through an accidental confession or admission of evidence. Prosecutors can easily pull your phone records or social media activity.

#3: Speaking to the Police Without Your Lawyer

Speaking to the police without your lawyer present could end up being a big mistake in your criminal defense case. Like sharing too much on social media, sharing too much with the police without a lawyer could lead to incriminating evidence used against you in court. Remember, you have the right to remain silent. 

#4 Not Hiring a Good Lawyer or Any Lawyer at All

Don’t represent yourself or hire a lawyer who is inexperienced and inadequate. Lawyers have gone through years of schooling to ensure they can defend you properly. Find a lawyer with a good reputation who is willing to work with you and understand your situation. A good lawyer makes all the difference when it comes to defense cases. They could be the thing that pushes your win over the edge and ensures you get a good result. 

Esplin | Weight Can Help

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With Esplin | Weight, you don’t have to worry about inexperienced lawyers or handling cases alone. We are Provo attorneys ready to assist you in defending your case. We can guide and direct you to help you avoid common mistakes and ensure you get the justice you deserve. At Esplin | Weight, we know criminal defense cases can be overwhelming, but we’ll take the weight off and make sure everything goes as smoothly for you as possible.

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