Male in blue shirt, wrapping hand with red cast/bandage after an injury to protect from infection

It seems unnecessary to state that nobody wants to get hurt, and no decent person would wish harm upon another. One should always be careful to avoid injury while staying aware of the fact that accidents happen. Years of experience handling personal injury cases here at Esplin Weight have helped us gain a better understanding of where and how personal injuries are most likely to occur. We believe that staying vigilant and careful to avoid injuries is always the best course of action; however, if anything does happen to you we are here to help you through the complicated legal process that can follow.

After a personal injury incident there are usually at least two parties involved. There is a victim, the one who gets hurt, and then something or someone that caused the injury to happen. Often, a sort of compensation is to be given to the victim from the at-fault party. An unfortunate tendency in these situations is for the at-fault party, along with the insurance company that represents them, will attempt to shift fault away from themselves and possibly even onto the victim to avoid having to pay any compensation.

The best way to avoid the headache of these cases, investigations, and inconveniences is to avoid injury, and the best way to avoid injury is to be aware and conscious of potentially dangerous situations. After looking over the data for Utah and the nation as a whole, we have come up with a list of the most common personal injury claims to help you stay on your guard.

Road Traffic

Car accidents are the greatest cause of personal injury in the nation. This can include automobiles, motorcycles, and any other mode of transportation on the roads or even sidewalks. In these cases, there is usually a party who will be financially responsible for the repairs and injury costs of the incident. Hopefully, the drivers are fulfilling their legal responsibility to have auto insurance. This insurance will aid in the proper distribution of funds with relation to the incident. Though there are some no-fault states that don’t assign fault to one party or the other, insurance will typically be able to assess the incident and conclude who is at fault, and therefore, financially responsible for righting the situation.

Slip and Fall

This category of injuries was the most frequently reported in Utah, and one of the most frequently reported across the nation as well. While it can be reasonably assumed that the property owner is responsible for keeping the premises safe and free from hazards, it should not be assumed that just because an injury occurred on someone’s or some agency’s property does not automatically make them responsible. This type of case requires a fair amount of paperwork for a third party to determine where responsibility lies and the degree of that party’s responsibility in the incident.

Moral of the story: watch your step.

On the Job

This category is rather broad, which probably contributes to its frequency, but it is also a red flag of sorts. Despite being one of the most commonly occurring injury types, it is also believed that only a small percentage of actual work-related injuries get reported, because employees are afraid they might lose their jobs.

While it is important to make sure you maintain your professional standing and perception of responsibility, you should not have to fear losing your job for reporting incidents when they happen. Many injuries can get worse over time, and if they are not reported immediately, it will become harder and harder to receive help or compensation with time. Working with a firm like Esplin Weight will help you make sure the case is handled professionally and properly, protecting you from any unfair treatment while seeking just compensation.

These, and most other injuries, are often preventable with the right amount of preparation and precaution while on the job or going about your day. However, accidents happen. We understand that some injuries are, sadly, unavoidable. If you find yourself or a loved one injured in Utah County, and are confused or concerned about what you need to do to next, come to Esplin Weight. We are committed to helping you protect yourself, your assets, and we’ll help you receive the justice you deserve.